Tips for using mixing liquids!

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Tips for using mixing liquids!

There are a variety of ways you can use mixing liquids to your makeup applications. Whether that be for everyday fresh faced looks or special FX and editorial makeup. Check out these tips to really elevate your makeup applications that'll make them look even better and last longer!


Mixing Liquids 101

Firstly what exactly is a mixing liquid you ask? Well a mixing liquid is a water based fluid that can be used for thinning dense fluids, making powders and pigments more opaque, or even making them sweat or water resistant! Depending on your medium this can be used for a variety of different effects! We're going to outline a few of our favorites that are easy to accomplish and make a huge impact on your final outcome!


Is your eyeliner really "on fleek"?

Try taking some colored pigment powders and adding a drop of mixing liquid to them to create, fun, creative eyeliner looks that are just as water resistant as traditional liquid liners! 


Are your shimmer shadows not blinding?

Pack on some of your favorite shimmer shadow on to a brush or clean finger. Before applying, spritz some Ben Nye Liquiset onto the brush or your clean finger, then apply to your lid in a tapping motion. 


Does your foundation look a little too cakey?

After setting your foundation are you left looking like a freshly powdered doughnut? Although that sounds delicious, it's probably not how you want your makeup to look. A quick fix to this is taking a mixing liquid like Liquiset , spray it all over your face and lightly press it into your foundation with a beauty sponge! Not only will this correct that "cakey" look and give your makeup a skin like finish, it will also set your makeup further making it last all night! 


Water activated paints and pigments!

If you're using water activated paints or pigments that "activate" with water try using mixing liquid instead! This will make them last all day long and waterproof them. 


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