Followspots (spotlights)

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Followspots (spotlights)

Followspots or spotlights differ from wash lighting, these lights are recommended for highlighting certain areas of your venue or a certain character on stage while leaving the rest of the area in shadow.


Day Rate $75

American DJ FS600LED 60W LED Followspot

Stay on the cutting edge of technology with the FS600LED spot light! While traditional followspots rely on older technology and generally use upwards of 1000W of power, ADJ's FS600LED uses a fan-cooled LED light source with a tiny 80W power draw. Because of the addition of LED technology to traditional followspot functionality, this fixture stays cool and boasts a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.


Altman Moonlight

Image result for altman moonlight followspot

Day Rate $75

Standard 1000W incandescent followspot 





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